August 27, 2019

LifeLine Control Panel Pager Interface

Modern fire systems can be spread over huge areas, covering densely populated buildings and valuable assets, such as server rooms with expensive extinguishant release systems in place. By reacting quickly, fire system managers can save time and money, reduce false alarms and cancel or facilitate evacuation. Once connected to an Advanced fire panel, detailed information […]


Axis BMS/Graphics Interface

The BMS/Graphics Interface interface allows BMS systems and graphical PCs to be integrated with the Axis EN series of fire control panels and remote terminals. For more information, please download the datasheet. Please contact us for all product enquiries.



Datasheets for our marketing-leading range of CIE products below: Axis 1 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel Axis 1-4 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel Axis Ad-NeT & Ad-NeT+ Network Cards Axis Programmable 8 Zone Monitor Card Axis Remote Terminal Fire Alarm Control Panel Axis Smoke & Damper Control Module Dynamic Smoke Intergrated Fan and Damper Control […]


Axis Accessories

Our range of accessories to complement Axis products: Deep Base Housing Door Holder Door Release Button Fusion Access For all enquiries & product information, please contact us.


Warden Intercom Phones

The Warden Intercom Phone (WIP) is designed specifically for use with sound and intercommunication systems for emergency purposes. Datasheets for our market-leading range of products below. Addressable Warden Intercom Phone Addressable Warden Intercom Phone Interface For more information & product enquiries, please contact us.


Axis Wireless Detection

Download datasheets for our market-leading range of wireless detection solutions below: SG100 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector SG200 Wireless Heat Enhance Photoelectric Smoke Detector SG350 Wireless Heat Detector For further information & all enquiries, please contact us.

August 26, 2019

Axis Wired Detection

Download datasheets for our market-leading range of wired detection solutions below: Duct Detector Housing Fireray 5000 Beam Detector HT Thermal Detector HTX Thermal Detector MB Mounting Base OH Multicriteria Detector OHX Multicriteria Detector OP Smoke Detector OPX Smoke Detector Sub Address Sounder Base VCP100 Addressable Resettable Call Point VPU-1000 Programming Unit Conventional Sounder RoLP Fire […]

May 24, 2019

VIGIL Product Launch

Fusion Fire Systems is proud to announce the launch of VIGIL. Exclusive to Fusion Fire Systems, this innovative technology meets the new standard for Emergency Warning Systems – the first of its kind in the market for over 25 years. Incorporating full public access system capabilities, it adapts to every environment – from simple retail […]


Different look and name; same quality and standard.

In operation for over 12 years under the name Fusion Advanced, we are now in the midst of a fresher, more current look to match our revolutionary technology and services.  Fusion Fire Systems continues to lead the way in fire solutions across Australia; integrating the world’s best technologies in detection, control, emergency warning and public […]